Friday, June 15, 2012

First visit to the Hairdresser

As everyone knows I am a bit idle.Whenever there is a mirror I like to look into it to see my handsome body :) During the holiday we entered sometimes an elevator (scary) until I saw the mirrors at the back. YES, there was I again, looking great. But lately my hair was growing and growing, my nails clicked on the wooden floor, so my boss decided something had to be done about that. As you can see from yesterday's picture my beard was growing a lot, same as all the other hairs:

So today was my first visit to the hairdresser. We went to gentil chien which is in Lent, close to our home. When I entered there at first I was a bit scared. There was this large dog!!! and everyone knows by now I don't like large dogs, especially when I am on a leash and they are free to walk around. That is not fair!!! Grace was very nice, when she looked at me and immediately she gave me a cuddle. My boss left and was told he could get to pick me up again in 4 hours!!! Wow 4 hours for a bit of cutting your hair is quite long. She first put me into a bath, which was nice. I really liked it, the warm water, the brushing and cleaning. Then she put me on a table to dry me with a hairdryer. I did not like the sound of that very much so I secretly moved inch by inch forward to Grace, until I was sitting on her lap. Then it was OK!! Afterwards she started cutting my hairs, and I was tired so I fell asleep! Grace was very proud of me, as I was the first dog to sleep on her table. When everything was finished, I still had some time to play with the other dog, and althoug he was large, we became friends. Perhaps because I did not have a leash on?? My boss came to pick me up and was astonished to see me. Well, I do look very nice now, don't you agree?

My bosses told me I looked years younger, and I looked very handsome. Of course I am handsome, everyone knows that. So we played a little and finally I was so tired of this afternoon full with excitement that I fell asleep on the couch.

Talk to you again soon about my life. Waf... Waf...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

As I am now a little bit famous :-), my providers thought it was time to tell a little bit more about my self. Let me introduce myself first for those who don't know me (yet), I am Pippo, a Spanish dog who has been saved from a killing station in Spain and who now lives happily in Holland. I don't know who my parents were, but I do know that there must have been a bit of a Yorkshire Terrier and a bit of a Pyrenean Shepherd in them. As people think I am either one of them:-) Also I don't know much about my previous life, as there is no one who could tell me something about that. Only from certain ways I am doing things my providers have the feeling that I was born in a house.... And then left on the streets to look after myself. So actually my life starts (again) on January 17, when I was flown to Holland to meet my providers.
It was very scary in the airplane, in a box with a huge dog next to me. Perhaps that is the reason why I don't like larger dogs.... When we arrived, I could not wait to get out of this box. My new providers took them in their car to go to their home. Now, the kitchen looked familiar, I must have seen that before. They had a nice plate with two cups on it, for my water and my food. So I don't have to look for it myself anymore. I loved the food, as I actually lost a lot of weight before I came here.

Needless to say that by now I gained a lot of weight, approx. 3 kgs. in 5 months time, so that is a lot. Also my hair has grown, and this week I even have to go to the hairdresser to get it cut.

The first two months were quiet, I had to meet other people, but I felt best at home lying on the couch with my providers.
Someone loved this picture so much he made a painting of it.
They learned me how to play and I got a lot of toys from them. Now isn't that funny, a chicken who screech when you touch him. It was to much for me, so I took the screech out of him and started eating him. Apparently this was not ok, as he was gone after that.

After that I got more toys and I keep on playing with them, without ruining them. I go for a walk quite often and sometimes I can go on my own, without a leash. This is what I like most, although my providers don't like me attacking larger dogs and cats. :-( I especially like walking near the Rhine and sometimes when it is hot, I like to go into the Rhine, and sit down in the water as that is nice and cool. Also I went to a dogclass, but that was not much of a success. My providers had to go away for a week and then I could not go. They left me in a animal hotel and I think there is where I got the taste of hotels!!! Two weeks ago they took me with them on a holiday to Italy.

First we went to Heidelberg, where we got into a hotel. I had to climb the stairs to get there, and went into the room. The first thing I had to do was test the beds and the floor.After that we went for a walk.
And because it was so hot my bosses got a cold drink and a server was so friendly to give me also my bowl of water.
This was something I was getting used to during this holiday. Ofcourse my boss had a bowl of water for me, but nothing taste as nice as a bowl of water served in a restaurant. The next day I had to sit again in the car,for a long trip. My boss told me we were going to Italy, to Milano. He stopped every two hours and one of this stops was at a parking place in Luzern. That was a great place, they even had a dog park!!!
We arrived in Milano, again in a Hotel. And that night we went to visit Elena and Greta. I loved lying on her lap as you can see.
She is now a great friend of mine!! The next day we travelled again but they told me this was the last day of the week we had to travel. We went to a hotel, Corta dell'Oca, which was very nice. We stayed in a nice room with a bathroom separated from that by a private hallway. Also they had a nice cooking area as you can see.
After getting all our stuff into the room we went to Casa Cenina, where we spend a few days. I loved the people there and they loved me as well I think :) I even got to wear one of their t-shirts and looked everywhere.
Of course I had to watch the place carefully, as that weekend a lot of guests were coming.

On saturday a strange dog came into the garden. Well, that was not alright according to me. This was my territory!!So I started to fight with him but my ladyboss took me away and I unfortunately bit her. It was not my intention but I was so angry at this other dog....
Sometimes it was a bit scary there as well, as they had balloons. And children broke the balloons and it just sounded like a gunshot, and I know very well from the past how that sounds. So I ran away, but not too far. As I wanted to stay with my boss. On Monday we went for a small trip. It was a little bit raining in the morning but it was nice walking in the streets. Sometimes the smells remind me of something in the past, but I don't know what it is. But one thing I know for certain, if you walk past a shop, which smells like beef, you have to run for your life. So that is what I did. I still remember those things from my past in Spain. The same smell, the same style of houses, the bad gras, so now I know I am really lucky living in Holland. Even a buther here does not bother me!! On Wednesday we had to leave again and leave all those new friends of mine behind. Ciao Paola, Simona, Elena, Elena, Giovanni, Monica, Guilio, Ilaria and all the rest and thanks for the bowls of water!! I hope to see you some day again!! Our last trip was from Milano to home, through the Gotthardt tunnel. That was scary, sitting in the dark for 17 km. After the tunnel we had a rest as you can see. It was very windy, but also warm!

Finally after midnight we arrived home!! Boy, was I happy to see my old home again. I ran around and around, played with ALL my toys before sleeping. When you like reading my stories about my daily life, let me know!!